Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bracewell in business

Despite having a piece of luggage stolen at the airport on Saturday, John Bracewell says he is glad to be back in England and keen to help Gloucestershire progress.

In an interview with Bracewell stated his enthusiasm for his new role as director of cricket and the responsibility for all levels of cricket at the shire.

This is encouraging because it should be a priority to develop young talent through the academy, as well as ensuring the senior team become more competitive in all forms of the game.

The New Zealander was keen to stress his desire for achievement in all forms of the game. He said the team need to learn how to take 20 wickets in a match and stated that promotion in the county championship was a 'very important objective'. This will be pleasing to supporters who, in a poll conducted by this blog, saw 85% vote the county championship the trophy they would most like to see the glos win in 2009.

Bracewell said the shire have a batting line-up that should yield big runs, saying it should be a banker that four or five guys should score 1,000 plus runs this season, reaffirming the belief that the club posses very talented batsman, who nearly all failed to perform last term.

He also hinted that a deal to bring in a bowling oversees player was close - hoping to make an announcement 'very soon'. His description of someone who can take the new ball and bat at six will spark rumours amongst members who are desperate for a big name to install confidence that the club are committed to bringing successful cricket back to Nevil Road.

John Bracewell's reappointment at the helm of Gloucestershire cricket can only be a positive step for the county. He now has the experience of the international arena and his new role will hopefully enable the club to form a stronger base to breed success not just for the immediate future.

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  1. I'm encouraged by the prospect of the overseas player who sounds good, but we will see.

    In general Barcewell is saying the right things, but I'm not convinced. I'm prepared to give him a fair chance, but he didn't have a good record with NZ, and the lack of players coming in (Woodman and the overseas player notwithstanding) is a concern; I can't believe that Bracewell is going to get enough out of the current squad to make suitable progress.

    Finally, I'm uncomfortable with the very notion of him coming back to Gloucestershire; they don't say "never go back" for nothing, and sport is littered with examples of why not. But, as I said, I'm prepared to give him a fair chance.


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