Friday, August 14, 2009

Hodnett & Gitsham to be released

Gloucestershire have announced that both Grant Hodnett & Matthew Gitsham will be released at the end of the season.

Both players have seen their first-team chances extremely limited and the club said in a statement they cannot see this situation changing into the future.

Hodnett's departure was almost inevitable after his outburst to the press & Gitsham has never produced any cricket to suggest he is capable of playing in the 1st X1.


  1. what outburst?

  2. Yes! Was not saying anything but the truth... Glouestershire your batting at the moment is rubbish! maybe you think about the team winning and not the face that you feels fits!!!!

  3. He moaned that he wasn't being used enough in first X1 cricket after winning us the T20 game at Northampton.

    But I heard he was getting panic attacks on the field! So he was never picked on those grounds.

  4. When We're Bobbin'15 August 2009 at 03:20

    Anonymous 2: 'maybe you think about the team winning and not the face that you feels fits!!!!' - I'd love to know what this actually means in terms of the players we have available - in particular the 'face that you feel fits' bit...

    ..and Snowy, much as 'I heard' is a ringing endorsement, for someone who not so long ago suggested Hodnett as a viable first team player I wonder why there is less support for him now?

  5. Yes but how long ago was that? did he not have time off to get better?
    More like they did not like him saying what he said, but enough to get him out?
    we need some good batting, how has our batting been since the last game he playsd! Sort it out guys!!!

  6. you guys dont know the full story... i heard he was very very poorly treated after mark alleyne left i mean look how gloucestershire treat their players but also legends... mark alleyne, courtney walsh, james averis, tim hancock, kim barnett... the lot of them

  7. Well clearly Glos don't have the best record of treating players well, but they obviously took great exception to Hodnett's remarks, enough to bin him despite any other problems.

    WWB my comments never suggested my feelings about Hodnett's potential had waned, I merely stated what I have heard about his non-selection in second X1 cricket.

  8. When We're Bobbin'15 August 2009 at 23:32

    Yeh posting having come in from a long night out maybe isn't always the best idea so I apologise for the tone of my above post. (my spelling was pretty good though considering!)

    I guess I'm just disappointed that we've released another guy who had done ok and (more importantly) appeared to want a chance to prove himself (similar to Hardinges last year) and I hoped to see more support for him. I wonder who else will be ruthlessly dispensed with in this 'regeneration process'...

  9. The decision to release Hodnett is a strange one (less so with Gitsham; he never showed much, and we have two decentish spinners in Dawson and Bannerjee). All speculation about ill health aside, he doesn't seem to have had as many chances as his form warranted, while other players have stayed ahead of him in the pecking order, while perhaps a drop might have given them a neccessary shock to the system (I'm looking at you messrs. Spearman and Taylor). Maybe Bracewell is seeing something in the nets which I'm not, or just doesn't like him....

  10. I hear Gloucestershire is to become the home of New Zealand rejects???
    A little bird told me Franklin on a Irish passport along with James Marshell and Aaron Redmond.
    Overseas player? New Zealander? Wouldn't suprise me.
    How and why?

  11. hodnett didnt seem to help himself, after missing alot of last season because of his illness, he should of got his head down and put some hard yards in the seconds instead of doing his talking in the newspapers/interviews, because lets face it he aint no legend!!!!!!

  12. no he is not a legend but he is far better than the trash they got at that club

  13. He has gone and got caught drink drive now! He will get a years ban. Got caught the same week he was fired! Kept him in over night in cell, out of his face! Think he has lost it, not strong enough in the head for game now! Anyway if anyone takes him on they better like driving!


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