Thursday, October 01, 2009

Brown to leave Glos

David Brown has agreed to leave Gloucestershire one year ahead of the end of his contract.

The all-rounder's departure continues the cupboard emptying exercise that has occurred since John Bracewell arrived back at Bristol, and will hopefully pave the way for quality signings.

Grant Hodnett, Matthew Gitsham, Tom Stayt and now Brown have been offloaded, and with continuing rumours over Craig Spearman's future, there certainly appears scope for the calibre of signing member's are hoping for.

Being a small county on a very limited budget, it is sensible that players are not kept while only providing a limited impact at the top level.

With a strong academy set up and many youngsters breaking into the first team, the second eleven can now become an even better breeding ground for the future of the club, and quality can be added to strengthen the club as a whole.


  1. Not really a surprise. He never quite made himself a first team fixture, for all his undoubted talent. Here's hoping that he can do better somewhere else - probably as a batsman who bowls a bit.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Anon, that's a bold statement to make, is that Gospel truth, or chinese whispers?! Bit unfair on Hodnett to be flying those sorts of things around.

  4. I did hear that myself, friend of a friend, of a friend who knows a copper!
    Don’t think the court has happened yet though. But yes Anon, bit harsh!

  5. Indeed a bit Harsh, and potentially libelous, so I've got to remove it sorry. But it does continue the saga that is Grant Hodnett!


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