Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gidman leads Glos to embarrassing defeat

FPT: Surrey 306-6 beat Gloucestershire 142 by 164 runs

Alex Gidman's decision to bowl first at the Oval must surely be singled out as the reason for Gloucestershire's first one-day defeat of the season.

After taking the plaudits for the Shire's wonderful start to the season, Gidman must take full responsibility for a major error of judgement that cost Glos this match. Surrey were able to rack up 306-6, forcing the visitors to chase the game. The pressure told and a total of just 142 was total humiliation from the team billed as the pace-setters in this year's competition.

It doesn't matter how wet the outfield was, or how much cloud their was in the sky, or whether rain was forecast for later, no factor could detract away from the wonderfully flat and hard Oval wicket that is a dream to bat on. The only choice was to get first use of it and Gidman turned it down.

What went through the man's head? Forgetting for a second that the method by which Gloucestershire have historically won one-day matches is by setting a good target and then applying the "squeeze", there was another man who had a brainwave about bowling first on a great batting track - a certain Nasser Hussain. Perhaps Gidman assumed lightening wouldn't strike twice? Perhaps he was arrogant enough to assume his bowlers would fire the opposition out, even on a road?

Whatever his reasoning, out to bowl the Shire went, and they could only stand and admire at Mark Ramprakash giggling his way to 121 - such was his bemusement at being given the chance to bat first on his home ground.

In the face of such adversity, Gidman managed to play the worst shot of the day - offering up a simple catch when only on 3, albeit the game was up by then as the top order buckled under the pressure of the six-an-over target.

A way back into the game had been offered by Will Porterfield (42) and Chris Taylor (25) but the first of two run-outs scuppered the glimmer of light as Glos flopped to a hideously embarrassing defeat - one which I am absolutely sure would have been avoided, were it not for Gidman's blunder.


  1. When We're Bobbin'13 May 2009 at 18:04

    Fair enough, but I think to solely blame Gidman is harsh - no-one shone today with no bowler conceding less than 50 and only Porterfield scoring more than 25 ..hardly all Gidman's fault we were THAT bad! I had a feeling it was going to be 'one of those days' when Ireland and Adshead nearly conspired to drop Brown early on.

    Positives though, I though the way we went about chasing was impressive, no gung-ho tactics early on, just play shots when on and keep score ticking over - we were well up with the batting rate before the collapse. We shouldn't forget that Surrey still have a good side when they get going ..maybe we underestimated them with the run we've been on?

    I'm sure Bracewell will let them know it was a poor overall performance.

  2. Appears to be very much a 'hangover' loss after qualifying. Hopefully just a bad day at the office, and Glos will be better for the two remaining group games.

  3. No it was an all-round disappointment. However, at the Oval you assume to concede five-an-over minimum because it's such a good pitch.

    And the batting effort was flawed by the pressure we were under chasing six-an-over.

    Had we batted first it would have been a completely different story and we may well have won the game. That's what makes it so ridiculous, because we had the choice to do so!! Can anyone think of a logical reason for not batting first today?!

  4. When We're Bobbin'14 May 2009 at 09:48

    Ok being pedantic here, but if as a fielding side 'you assume to concede five-an-over minimum', then surely we'd expect to be chasing in excess of 250 as a lower bound, no? Therefore there's not going to be this unexpected overwhelming pressure on it. In my opinion it's no excuse for the batsmen to roll over with a chaseable target just cos the bowlers had a bad day.

    I agree it may have been different had we batted first, but if the pitch was good in the morning, chances are it still would be in the afternoon - maybe Gidman felt the overcast conditions would brighten up later, I don't know.

    What I do know is that we were just poor all over on the day and as bigV mentions, I agree we'd probably have had this 'hangover' loss regardless - the big question now is how we bounce back at Hove.

  5. Let's not get too despondent folks, while this was a crushing loss we have won 5 from 6 and top the group by 4 points so we should still be ok.

    I think 'qualification hangover loss' is a fair assessment. Up the Shire!

  6. Indeed, a Gidman 3-for and 70 not out in a winning cause at Hove on Friday and all will be forgiven!!

  7. I am not sure what you think such an unfair rant at the Captain is supposed to have on morale.

    Get behind your team if they mean that much to you.

    Great site.


  8. Paul,

    I get behind my team wholeheartedly at every game, however, I was trying to provide some analysis as to why my beloved team lost on Wednesday, and generate some debate.

    Gidman's shot was awful though!!

  9. 3 Batsmen out today in the 30s and Spearman out in his 60s imagine what could have been!

  10. Marshall has looked like our own Kevin Pietersen at the start of both of his last two innings, but has then got out! He could be fantastic, but he need to retain his flamboyant streak, but at the same time take on a little more responsibility

  11. Why does this keep happened again!? Marshall got out ball after a huge six last match and Franklin's just got out the ball after a huge six!

  12. *Why has this happened again?

  13. Gloucs still made a good total. Good knocks from the Spear and Adshead especially.

  14. When We're Bobbin'15 May 2009 at 20:28

    Yeh it was good that the batsmen were able to show they'd bounced back from Surrey - just a shame the bowlers didn't get a chance to do the same. I think the point confirms us as group winners though which is good.

    Another positive - at least Gidman batted first this time ;-)


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