Friday, May 15, 2009

Wash-out ensures qualification

FPT: Gloucestershire 306-9 v Sussex Match Abandoned

Gloucestershire confirmed their passage to the quarter-finals of the Friends Provident Trophy as the game at Sussex was abandoned at tea.

The Shire had managed to bat themselves into a strong position having posted 306-9 from their 50-overs, before the heavens opened.

After sensibly deciding to bat, Alex Gidman batted at three and was one of a number of players who managed to play themselves in and then get out. Hamish Marshall once again had supporters tearing their hair out, as a quick start was ended all too soon as he failed to build upon his run-a-ball 32.

But there were many positives from the innings, as a big total was built with all but Chris Taylor of the batsmen contributing. James Franklin again proved his worth as an all-rounder with useful runs, and Steve Adshead continued his fine form with 66 not out from just 45 deliveries.

The performance showed good character by the Shire who bounced back from the abysmal showing at Surrey, but as the competition progresses one of these players "in" needs to make a big score - in the manner of Ramprakash on Wednesday. Far too often it is down to Adshead, Franklin, Lewis to make a significant contribution; it needs to be the top order who are getting all the runs.


  1. The Spear also made a decent knock, good to see him back on something approaching form after last season.

  2. When We're Bobbin'15 May 2009 at 23:14

    'After sensibly deciding to bat' - maybe he's been reading this blog haha!

  3. Encouraging in as much as that all the top seven showed that they can bat efficiently and effectively this evening (bar Taylor, but before tonight he had the highest FP trophy average in the team), but disappointing as far as that no Glos player has scored an FP trophy ton yet even though players like Porterfield and Marshall consistantly get starts.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, when Marshall is in he is easily comparable to Kevin Pietersen but he is getting out too early after fantastic, flamboyant starts; during the week he was bowled the ball after an audacious six over cover and tonight after a couple of dot balls he played a lazy drive in to the hands of a fielder - if he concentrated he could be knocking out 70 ball centuries every other game!

    Franklin is looking more and more like a good signing; he'll be gone for a few weeks for the T20 world cup, but at the mo he's rated as an average all-rounder for NZ so we may get quite a lot out of him this season!

    I haven't seen Tom Stayt very much - does anyone rate him?

    I saw Craig Spearman at HQ a week or so back and he looks incredibly tired, I know he did well today, but after his horrendous injury last season he's taken his time getting back to full health, and perhaps rightfully so.

  4. oh, I forgot ... Who should be first choice wicket-keeper? Steve Snell and Steve Adshead are both in form with the bat, but Snell is possibly better behind the stumps...should they both be played as batsmen? Perhaps Snell as the number three anchor?

  5. Well a few times last year we had Snell and Adshead in the same team - they do seem to be both getting runs atm, and I think it's great that we have this competition for places: Jack's doing his job!!

    Hamish annoys the life out of me. Fantastically talented batsman, who doesn't get half the runs he should do simply because he doesn't seem to knuckle down at the appropriate moments. I want to give him a good shake and tell him to get his head on - that's probably the reason why his NZ career fell well short.

    Stayt looks a good prospect, ran in well up at Headingley. A few selection headaches for the management! Nice to see.

  6. When We're Bobbin'16 May 2009 at 08:21

    I think Marshall and Spearman have similar temperaments when it comes to batting in this respect - on a number of occasions I've seen Spearman reach a milestone or play a big shot and then get dismissed in the next ball or two - that's why it was such a shock when he got that 341 at Gloucester! - he had the ability but not the mentality. However, Craig seems to have controlled that side better recently and so maybe it's just a phase Marshall needs to play through.

    WK - I wouldn't play them both with the batting line-up we've got at the moment. Maybe with a couple of injuries it'd be worth it, but I think the competition the two have got going is good - it's almost like the Russell-Read-Williams situation of a few years back, although there was only ever one man who was going to win that one!

    Maybe it's worth a poll on the main page snowy - who should be the FPT WK - 1. Adshead. 2. Snell. 3. Adshead WK, Snell batsman. 4. Snell WK, Adshead batsman. 5. neither??

  7. I'm not sure what to make of Kirby, hasn't played in the last couple of matches (injured?), he seems to be the only angry fast and nasty Glos have, but he's not that quick and doesn't move the ball from side to side.

    Poll wouldn't be a bad idea - if Adshead stays the one-day wicket keeper then Snell won't have played a game for the Shire for a month by the time the Derbyshire match comes round.

    Did anyone hear the Radio Bristol commentary yesterday? It was sounding like a really good commentary team; but there's an irritating lack of coverage of the four day game.

    Last FPT match versus Durham coming up. It'll be a really good omen for the Shire for the rest of the season if the team show that they have a drive to win and beat Durham comfortably even though they don't have to.

    Maybe as we've already qualified we could mix it up a bit... Hodnett and Adshead opening, Porterfield number three, give Snell number four etc. Give Stayt and Franklin the new ball give Dawson a game...

  8. When We're Bobbin'16 May 2009 at 11:04

    I think we need Kirbs in the team for his aggression, even when he's down at 3rd man he's noisy! I also think that he complements Lewis' bowling style - a good cop, bad cop system if you will!

    Yeh Radio Bristol were good yesterday (and v Yorks when they sorted their 'technical problems' out) Maybe they gave up on the championship cricket after not winning for so long! - the other local BBC radio stations seem to do a good job of the championship though, I agree its a pity we have to rely on them.

    I guess we could mix it up a bit, but with the QF on the 23rd it might be better to keep a consistent line-up going - the batting line-up especially needs to be sorted out. So maybe just rest Lewis and one of Marshall-Spearman-Taylor.
    In fact, there's another few polls for snowy to put up - opening partnerships (batting and bowling) and who bats at no.3 - actually I've thought of loads more as well now!

  9. Yer there's a lot of debate within the Glos X1, i'll try and put a poll or two up soon.

    Most local radio don't see the economic viability of covering championship cricket, but I have heard that problem is going to be addressed in the near future! So watch this space!

  10. With regards the Championship, having looked online only the following seem to have it:

    Warwickshire (from time to time)
    Durham (occasionally)

    So outside of South East England, the Midlands and the North we don't have great spread.

  11. You mean the Land of Sex and Roses?

    That's the Home Counties, Yorks and Lancs, by the way ;-)

  12. Well the remaining championship fixtures are:

    06/06/2009 Derbyshire Chesterfield 4 days
    18/06/2009 Middlesex Bristol 4 days
    30/06/2009 Kent Beckenham 4 days
    12/07/2009 Derbyshire Cheltenham 4 days
    20/07/2009 Northamptonshire Cheltenham 4 days
    31/07/2009 Glamorgan Bristol 4 days
    05/08/2009 Essex Southend 4 days
    19/08/2009 Leicestershire Grace Road 4 days
    27/08/2009 Middlesex Lord's 4 days
    02/09/2009 Surrey Bristol 4 days
    16/09/2009 Glamorgan SWALEC Stadium 4 days
    23/09/2009 Kent Bristol 4 days

    So that's 12 four day matches remaining, and it would be fantastic if we had Glos cricket on the radio from a shire point of view. Looking forward to the problem being addressed!

  13. Got a poll up now, lets see what people say.


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