Saturday, May 23, 2009

"No problem" for Clark

Gloucestershire chief-executive Tom Richardson has declared that a deal is in place to bring the Australian fast-bowler Stuart Clark to Nevil Road on a short-term deal.

Speaking to Richardson said providing Clark could acquire a visa it was "no problem" that the Sydney-born international would be joining Glos.

So a quality replacement has been found to fill James Franklin's absence, and one would envisage Clark having a major impact in the two championship fixtures his deal covers. His addition to the bowling attack will help Glos' chances of taking 20 wickets against Derbyshire and Middlesex and continuing their excellent start to the season.

However, the issue still exists over whether it's right that counties should be handing warm-ups to Australian players ahead of the Ashes. That is a concern because we are obviously all England supporters and want success for the national team, but a great chance to bolster the squad surely cannot be overlooked? It is a difficult decision, because it is not good practise to fall out of favour with the ECB, but Gloucestershire have a duty to their members and this is certainly a positive move.


  1. It seems that there may in fact be a problem with Clark.

    Apparently he mat not be able to come due to visa difficulties, shame he doesn't have a European passport unlike Hughes, eh?

  2. Beeb has confirmed that, due to visa problems, Clark will not be joining us. Shame, but hopefully we ought to be able to get by without him.

  3. It is annoying.

    Did he have a simlar problem with Kent?

    If not, then why is there an issue now?


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