Thursday, May 07, 2009

Glos assume control at Bristol

DAY 2 Close: Gloucestershire 361-7 lead Leicestershire 133 by 228 runs

The second day was a one of stark contrast to the first at Bristol, as only two wickets fell as Gloucestershire built up a commanding lead.

Alex Gidman fashioned his way to a wonderful 159 to record the first Glos century of the season. He played with great style in a throwback to the England A days, to drive the Shire into a winning position, as bad light curtailed play.

Steve Snell was very much part of the act, and worked hard supporting Gidman in a partnership worth 128 - the like of which we haven't seen too much of this season. He remains 69 not out alongside Tom Stayt, who's useful 30 from 46 balls ensured the Shire a fourth batting point; some real hitting would be required to claim a fifth.

Gidman played a proper captain's knock to begin with. Patient and watchful under yesterday's laden skies, all too aware of the tumbling wickets and the predicament of the Essex match. But today the sun shone and Gidman grasped his opportunity and struck 22 boundaries with the air of a man who was in complete control - a fantastic innings and long, long overdue.

With two days to play, the Shire will look to bat on, gain a lead of 300 and give themselves five sessions to bowl Leicestershire out; the differing weather forecasts can only improve the conditions for bowling.

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  1. When We're Bobbin'7 May 2009 at 18:43

    Gidman has impressed me so much in stepping up to be captain to the extent that I feel bad about doubting him before the season started ..we'll have Surrey sniffing around again soon at this rate!

    ..and a first innings lead of over 200 - is this really Gloucestershire we're watching??! :-)

  2. They'll need to whack it about tomorrow morning if they want the fifth bonues point - 39 needed in 5.4 overs!

    Gidman needs to keep this form - first championship century in almost two years!

  3. I was tempted to say "nothing can stop Gloucester now!" - then I saw the weather forecast.

  4. When We're Bobbin'7 May 2009 at 23:53

    Ha! That's a risky thing to say at the best of times ..let alone playing in the championship Bristol ...when we've actually got a chance of winning...


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